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March Goals

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s late, but March is done! Quick update, I hurt my back and have been half bed ridden for the past few weeks. I can’t find it in me to sit at the computer long enough to type up a post, so my apologies. I have, however, got some good game time in. So here’s where we sit now, on April 7th.

1. Platinum 2 games in 2010.
[none yet]

Still none. Possible with SAW in the mail and on it’s way though.

2. Reach 1,500 trophies by the end of 2010.
[I have to have 75 a month to catch my goal.]
[January end of month goal = 675]
[January end of month trophy count = 719]
[February end of month goal = 750]
[February end of month trophy count = 863]
[March end of month goal = 825]
[March end of month trophy count = 991]

Some of those trophies were in the first week of April. Ohhhhh well. I am WAY ahead here. Might hit my goal around August or September if I keep it up.

3. Complete 10 games
[January- Fallout 3]
[February- Batman: Arkham Asylum]
[February- flOw]
[February- Aliens vs. Predator]
[February- Rogue Warrior]
[February- Heavy Rain]
[March- God of War III]
[April- Final Fantasy XIII]

7 down, 3 to go! I think I underestimated my gaming habits when put the test.

And here’s Em’s list and what she got done in Febuary.

1. Platinum/100% 2 games
[None yet]

2. Beat 3 games
[None yet]

She almost has God of War III under her belt.

3. Play 25 games
[January- Darksiders (PS3)]
[January- Assassin’s Creed 2 (PS3)]
[February- Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time]
[February- flOw]
[February- Flower]
[March- Battlefield Bad Company 2]
[March- God of War III]
[March- Heavy Rain]

4. Reach 400 trophies by the end of 2010
[February end of month trophy count = 206]
[Estimated Goal of 19 trophies a month]
[March End of Month Goal = 225]
[March End of Month Total = 230]

She’s 5 ahead, which is good. She got quite a few trophies from God of War III, and with Saw coming in the mail, I’m sure she’ll net quite a few more.

Well, that’s that. Things are looking good so far for the crew at Gameciety. How are you kids sitting? Completing games? Playing enough games? Let us know in the comments how you are doing on those gaming resolutions!
– Sobær