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E3- Liveblog Links for Live Coverage

June 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello all! My absence was long, I know, but E3 is around the corner. Literally! Unlike the past few years, I am only taking off Monday and Tuesday. While I am not into gaming as I used to be, the industry still fascinates me, so this is still exciting for me.

Why have I been gone? Well, quite a few personal reasons. The main one being neglect to my wife. Games took up WAY to much of my time. So I made the decision myself to get out of it. Despite all that, I do still game from time to time, but 40+ hours a week has dwindled to 10 or so hours a week. So I don’t have time to review games anymore.

That said, again, I am really looking forward to E3 this year and to see what it brings. So bookmark this post, and I hope to see you in the CoverItLive chat. 🙂

Microsoft Conference- Monday 12:00pm CDT. Gameciety Liveblog up at 11:30pm for pre-event chat.

EA Conference- Monday 4:00pm CDT. Gameciety Liveblog up at 3:30am for pre-event chat.

Ubisoft Conference- Monday 7:00pm CDT. Gameciety Liveblog up at 6:30pm for pre-event chat.

Nintendo Conference- Tuesday 11:00am CDT. Gameciety Liveblog up at 10:30am for pre-event chat.

Sony Conference- Tuesday 2:00pm CDT. Gameciety Liveblog up at 1:30pm for pre-event chat.