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News: Nintendo Profit Forcast Change, 3DS Price Drop, Free 3DS Goodies

Mommy, wow! I can have one now?

I think it’s a fair assessment to say the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t soared off the charts like Nintendo’s last two affairs, the Wii and the DS/DSi. Nintendo had estimated its profit for the fiscal year ending in March 2012 would be 110 billion yen ($1.41 billion), but has since revised that number with an 82% decrease; 20 billion yen ($257M). The companies statement about the revision has been to reflect “trends of stronger-than-expected yen appreciation and sales performance, the decided price reduction of the Nintendo 3DS hardware, and the sales outlook for the holiday season.”

Yes, the big price drop for the 3DS was also announced this morning. Beginning August 12, you can pick up a Nintendo 3DS and see all your favorite games in a new perspective for only $170. Yes, $170. A very large drop from the current price of $250.

And the early adopters of the 3DS get free goodies, via the “Nintendo Ambassador” program. If you own a 3DS, connect to the Nintendo eShop before 11:59pm EST on August 11 (that’s 1 minute before the price drop, if you’re still on your first cup of coffee as well), which will automatically enroll you into the program. This will entitle those fortunate enough to 10 free NES Virtual Console games on September 1, before they are publically released. If that’s not enough, you also get 10 free Gameboy Advance games before the end of 2011.

So we have some bad news, some good news, and some potiently good news. My take on it all is that Nintendo has had a massively huge run, and while not at a stopping point, all big peaks of success have some down swoops. That’s not to say Nintendo won’t continue making mass amounts of money, but being in a lull is not a necessarily-bad thing, and being Nintendo, they will peak again. The DS hit everyone as a target; kids, parents, teenagers, family pets, neighbors, probably even Martians. The 3DS, to me, doesn’t seem to have that initial charm that the DS had.

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– Sobær

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