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An Hour of Death in Far Cry 3

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment
Note: I’m not really back, just sharing a short bit I wrote to our staff over at chronicling a particular adventure in Far Cry 3. 🙂
Far Cry 3
So after finishing up a story mission last night, I thought I would spend some time exploring. We all know how that goes, right? It’s one distraction after another. I set a waypoint for a safehouse to take over so I could make some traction. Simple.

I head off to the waypoint, looting treasure as I go. Sadly, even on this God-forsaken island, it’s still all about the Benajmins. I come up to a raider camp and decide “What the Hell?” and begin plotting an assault. I carefully plan out my attack, unleash a storm of arrows, and nod with approval. Yes, I do those things in real life. All of the sudden, I hear war crys or whatever you want to call them, and as I look around, there’s a jeep parked and a man rushing me with a shotgun. Frantically, I fumble with the controller to switch weapons but it was too late. Between him and the guy firing at me with an assault rifle, I died. If I only knew what was going to follow..

I spawned back at a radio tower. I re-plot my course, and noticing I’m on a hill, I decide to carefully slide down small slopes to footholds below. Half way down, I missed my aim and tumbled to my death. *long sigh*

Back at the radio tower. I had noticed a pool of water and a waterfall before, so I carefully make my way back to that. I looked down…scared, mind you..and took a leap of faith. Despite there being water below me, I was obviously no Altair and (again) tumbled to my death.

There was an ATV next to the radio tower. I’m not a fan of vehicles in this game, let me make that perfectly clear. I avoid them like the plague. But I was annoyed, so I hopped on, and started down the road. Shortcut time! Only, the shortcut took me over a damn cliff, where I (you guessed it) plummeted to my death.

No shortcuts this time, I decided to take the same road know..actually follow the road. I drove past an encampment of pissed off rebels. I got shot at. A lot. Then ran into a tree. Remember how I said I hated vehicles? I got shot at some more while backing up, and died.

I decided to give it one more chance, this time opting to walk. I made it through the rebel camp, and SO DAMN CLOSE to my waypoint. Had I of had the volumn up, I would have heard the animal growling around me, because I was surprised by a tiger mauling me. Of course, all I had equipped was a bow, a sniper rifle, and a crappy semi-automatic assault rifle. Needless to say, I was eaten alive.

After that final kill…I said fuck it, and went shark hunting. Which I did quite well, mind you.

– Sobær