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NPD’s: February 2010

March 19, 2010 2 comments

Are you kidding me?!

[Edit: Remember, not every retail outlet sends their numbers to NPD.]

I am late on this one, I am aware of that, but given I was sick at the time, and then it slipped my mind, I’m hoping I’ll be forgiven and you will still take a peek. I don’t just give numbers, I like to give my opinions on things as well. So let’s dive into February’s NPD numbers shall we? Let’s start with console numbers:

XBox 360-     422 thousand (up 27%)
Wii-                398 thousand (down 15%)
PS3-               360 thousand (up 30%)
PS2-               102 thousand (up 143%)

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NPDs: January 2010

February 12, 2010 4 comments

[Edit: Remember, not every retail outlet sends their numbers to NPD.]

Wow, I was pretty surprised with this month’s numbers. First, here’s the hardware:

Wii 465.8K (down from 3.81 million 12/09)
XBox 360 332.8K (down from 1.31 million 12/09)
PS3 276.9K (down from 1.36 million 12/09)
PS2 41.6K (down from 333 thousand 12/09)

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NPDs: December 2009

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment
 [Edit: Remember, not every retail outlet sends their numbers to NPD.]
I will go on record now and say I was
wrong when I thought the PS3 would be the top selling console from price
drop to year end.  They have been selling well, and more competitive
than prior months, but of course the family friendly console is going to
win out the competition.  That said, the PS3 DID beat the 360, but
by such a small margin I don’t think it matters much.


-Wii:  3.81M (an increase
of 2.11 million from November)

-PS3: 1.36M (an increase
of 650 thousand from November)
1.31M (an increase of 490 thousand from November)

-PS2: 333K (an increase
of 130 thousand from November)

And we have the handhelds.  The
DS is still raking in cash in the portable market.  I still wish they
would split up DS/DSi and PSP/PSPGo numbers, but we all know that isn’t
happening.  The PSP is still hanging in there, and honestly, has put
a fair enough fight against Nintendo in a market no-one has been able to
enter successfully.


-DS: 3.31M (an increase
of 2.05 million from November)
655K (an increase of 361 thousand from November)

On the softer side of the wares, it’s
no surprise Nintendo once again cleaned house.  Kids need Christmas
presents, and I’ll be damned if Nintendo can’t deliver that.  Wii
Fit Plus, though, is kind of a shocker at #2 to me.  But with the
logic of men buying their wives and girlfriends a Wii for Christmas, the
shock disappears.  Assassin’s Creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 made the cut
their second month out, even if at the bottom of the list.  And Mario
and Luigi’s new adventure brings in the #10 spot, with no Zelda: Spirit
Tracks in sight.

1.   New
Super Mario Bros. Wii –              Wii –                Nintendo –                2.82M

2.   Wii
Fit Plus –                
                 Wii –      
         Nintendo –    

3.   Wii
Sports Resort –              
           Wii –            
   Nintendo –          

4.   Call
of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 –        Xbox 360 –       Activision
–              1.63M

5.   Call
of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 –        PS3 –          
   Activision –       

6.   Wii
Play w/remote –              
          Wii –    
           Nintendo –  

7.   Mario
Kart w/ Wheel –              
       Wii –    
           Nintendo –  

8.   Assassin’s
Creed II –                
       Xbox 360 –       Ubisoft –             

9.   Left
4 Dead 2 –                
Xbox 360 –       Valve –    

10. Mario
& Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story –  DS
–                Nintendo
–                656.7K

That wraps up another month.
 Until next month, keep buying games!  

– Sobær

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