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Moving Forward


It’s been official for over a week now. I had been seeking out a “job” at another site, a much bigger site mind you, for a little over a month, and I finally approached them a week ago. The owner was impressed (to what level, I have no idea), and set me up with accounts at his site. What does that mean for Gameciety?

Gameciety goes on indefinite hold. Vagary.tv is the next step for me, as a writer and journalist, and while I don’t have the free-reign I love and adore about working my own blog, I still have enough to designate my own workload. I take my position there very serious, and value the opportunity Ryan has given me.

I have my first review up; Mortal Kombat for the PS3. I have some in line to be getting review copies from as well; Bodycount by Codemasters sounds promising at the end of this month, and I am on the review list for both Resistance 3 and Dead Island.

I was also offered to do news pieces today, my first one being on the new 3DS color. I am very excited to be a part of this team. They have some excellent writers there, and I am going to have to step my game up to play on the same level.

You can also follow my MyIGN account here. My Twitter account is the same, @Sobaer, as it was.

I would like to first thank Chris for bringing the site to my attention. And all the people I have worked with since I started taking the industry much more serious; Chris & Colin from Retrocore (previously Gamingcore with me), my wife who has supported my nerdiness from Gamingcore to Gameciety and now supports me 100% at Vagary.TV, and Connor who helped me manage podcasting duties at Gameciety. Special thanks to Michelle for her editing expertise on an article, and her bugging me for that Mortal Kombat review. 🙂 And of course, thanks to Ryan for the opportunity at Vagary.TV, I hope I don’t let you down, and the rest of the staff I have been bugging the past week for advice. Thank you all. 🙂

And with that, this chapter in my games journalism “career” is over. Cheers to the next chapter.

[Editors note: No, I did not proofread this. 😉 ]

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