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What’s In Our Consoles- July 30 Edition

Wish this car was in GT5. 😦

I think this week, I have spent more time on my iTouch than my console. Gamefly still hasn’t charged my account, so it’s still on hold, too. I probably won’t get anything to start reviewing until late next week. Though I will start working on a few iOS games soon. But anyhow, let’s knock the PS3 stuff out first.

Gran Turismo 5 has still been keeping me entertained. I spent two and a half hours finishing the NASCAR special events. I only had one event left, so that should tell you how smart I am. Took forever to dumb myself down enough to finally beat the whole two-minute long event.

Because of Blankshowcast and their talk about Battlefield 3, I have been itching to play Bad Company 2. I played with one of my clanmates and wow was he a buzzkill. Last night I played a few games, and he kept sending me invites, which I ignored. Game is SO good, but now its just the elitists playing it pretty much, so you have to be running with a good group of people now to get anything done.


And a few iOS games. Overkill is a fantastic shooter. It blends elements of Time Cop, with an upgrade system. I might write up an Impressions piece on it next week, as I don’t review free games. But it is free, and it has Gamecenter, so anyone with an iPhone or iTouch should look into it.

And a few games I might review, Doodle Farm and Zombie Gunship, pretty much wrapped up my serious gaming. Skip Doodle Farm, not even worth the dollar I spent on it, and I loved Doodle God and Doodle Devil. Zombie Gunship, however, has proven to be a lot of fun. You basically circle around your base in an AC-130 and kill zombies. If you kill too many civilians, or if a zombie gets in your base, its game over. It has leaderboards and an upgradeable ship, as well. Look for the reviews within the next few days.

So what have you been playing? Leave us a comment!

– Sobær

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