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Behind the Work – When an Idea Goes Wrong

July 3, 2012 Leave a comment

A few posts ago, I mentioned an editorial I do about the progression systems in multiplayer shooters. I’ve done a few now and am currently in the middle of “Progressing Through The Line”, a detailed synopsis of Spec Ops: The Lines unlockables. After played the single player campaign for a few days, I was pretty excited to get this going. Then… the other day happened.

In all my years of playing competitive shooters, I had heard of statistics wiping or getting messed up but I had never actually experienced it. Now, since this editorial relies so heavily on statistics this is an important factor. As soon as the match ends, I start scribbling down unlocks, kills, and all sorts of other things hoping to get them all before the next match starts. In Spec Ops, the host generally leaves the match for one reason or another (I generally assume they were mad because they lost) and you are immediately booted back to the menu. This is the first of many problems, because a smart developer would try to migrate the lobby to another host instead of dropping everyone. So I now have to sort through every single loadout option to find what is new.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the actual statistics screen lost 40 minutes of playtime somewhere. So instead of checking my stats to see how long I have played and the total kill count, I’m manually keeping tabs on things. It also lost about 30 kills and somehow I lost a level of progression.

To be quite honest, these are some of my favorite pieces to write. I would much rather find a creative way to talk about the progression system in a shooter than actually review it. Publishers also like the idea, as it is a unique way to cover the game. I absolutely hated playing Starhawk, but writing the editorial was fun (albeit a challenge to keep unbiased). I normally have these pieces done pretty swiftly (a few days), but this one has taken over a week simply because I cannot stand playing it.

The online portion of the game is not just an afterthought, but a poorly executed one. The standard Deathmatch mode can be fun, but spawning in front of enemies is a serious issue. Team Deathmatch wants you to play as a team, well Squad as it is 4v4, but no one plays together and no one uses a mic. The individual mode that stands out the most, Buried, becomes a camp-fest once a team starts losing badly enough. If that wasn’t bad enough, the maps are poorly constructed and offer little room for tactical movement around the camping team.

That said, I should have the article up by the weekend. I need to power through and get it posted soon. The single player is enjoyable, though, so if that is your thing, by all means give it a go. Enjoy your holiday tomorrow, and come back and read day 2 of E3! 🙂

Don Parsons


What’s In Our Consoles- July 30 Edition

July 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Wish this car was in GT5. 😦

I think this week, I have spent more time on my iTouch than my console. Gamefly still hasn’t charged my account, so it’s still on hold, too. I probably won’t get anything to start reviewing until late next week. Though I will start working on a few iOS games soon. But anyhow, let’s knock the PS3 stuff out first.

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Monthly Polls Are Back

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I did this a few times, and you can see there is a page for polls. Figured I would bring it back. So here it is!

Not much is coming out, thankfully as I have a lot to catch up on, but a few big games with buzz and a new Dragon Quest Monsters game I am slightly interested in are coming out. So what’s your pick?

Big Ol’ Releases- 7/24/2011 Edition

July 24, 2011 1 comment

Oh, summer, how I love thee. It is the time of year to catch up on all the games in your backlog while you wait for the holiday season to begin. Though usually plagued with the summer movie-games, every once in awhile a game comes out that gets some buzz. This week, it just so happens to be an Atlus game. Read on after the break to see.

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What’s in Our Consoles- July 23rd Edition

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

On the podcast, years ago, I had a segment “What We’ve Been Playing”. This is the blog version of that. If we had more writers here at Gameciety, each writer would send in a few paragraphs. But instead, I will write a few paragraphs about what I have been playing this week.

Obviously, I have been playing some review games. Games, you ask? Yes, I am working on the next review, Limbo for PSN. I started it yesterday afternoon, got about halfway through in my hour sitting, and meant to finish it last night. Game is twisted, graphically pleasing, and a very fun puzzler. I’m not crazy about the “die as many times as you want, and just spawn a few feet back”, and that will deal heavily in the score it gets, but besides that, it really is a fun game.

And I’ve been sucked back into Gran Turismo 5, thanks to the guys at Initial D World forums, and the Facebook group chat we have been using. Finally delved into some online racing. Seems it takes forever for people to get started. And most of my cars are untuned, so that takes more time. But it isn’t too laggy, and it can be fun with friends. Seasonal Event updates have me playing pretty consistently, too.

Lastly, on the PS3, I played a little Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with a clan mate. Its amazing how fun that game is, and it made me want Battlefield 3 more than I already do. The maps are SO good. There’s really only a few that I do not like.

On the iOS, I played some Pocket Academy finally. That game is hard to get into. I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure it out, and finally gave up. It’s by the same people that made Game Dev Story, one of my favorite iOS games of all time. And just recently picked up My Car Salon for free. It’s a time management game, like Diner Dash, only a helluva lot better. Actually, it’s more like Pretty Pet Salon, another free time-management game by the same company. Only My Car Salon is very easier to get into and get things upgraded.

One last game on iOS for this week is another freebie, it’s Eternity Warriors. A hack and slash “RPG”. Its very basic, and I have only just started playing it, but it can be fun. Mind numbing button bashing, and leveling up. I am having a hard time navigating the main menu, if it can even be called that. But again, its free. And it has Game Center, both multiplayer and achievos.

Next week, I got more Limbo, probably more Gran Turismo 5, and I need to get back into Fallout: New Vegas.

Review: Fight Night Champion [PS3]

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Rocky: The Vide- wait.. no.. Fight Night Champion review below!!

Fight Night Champions was one of those games I found out about by browsing upcoming games in Gamefly. I hadn’t heard much about it since I added it to my que late last year, but hey, it’s a Fight Night game; a series I have loved due to my passion for creating a monster-of-a-boxer, putting the settings on Easy, and just beating the snot out of everything in my path. You can bet I was excited to play a new one. It’s going to be a step up from the last one, right?

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News: Earthquakes Coming to Battlefield 3 Multiplayer?

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

The Frostbite 2.0 engine is a beast. DICE has been playing up the destructible engine now for quite some time, and from footage I have seen, it can be backed up.

According to the lead multiplayer designer, Lars Gustavsson, the earthquakes in single player are “technically possible” in multiplayer.

“We’re still looking into ambient destruction in multiplayer; it’s still too early to say really,” he told PSM3 magazine.

Just imagine being a sniper, hiding in your nest. You scope in on a moving target. The crosshairs are just above the head, allowing for bullet drop. You hold your breath and prepare to take the shot when all of the sudden the building starts shaking and collapsing. Earthquakes. A snipers new foe.